Thursday, 9 April 2009

Photos from a broad

Herein I include some photos that we took while we were in Europe. And when I say "we," I mean, "KB." Which is why it took me so long to put them up on the web (not because she's slow, but because I am).

My first snow in ages! Welcome to Switzerland.

Even in winter, Amsterdam loves tulips. And so does KB.

Welcome to gay Paree.

The most delicious (and expensive) place on Earth.

Tell me - what's the big deal?

Eiffel in love with Paris.

Kristen Poulain in Montmartre

Ah oui, j'aime Paris.

What I miss most about Paris.


alexgirl said...

Look at all those pastries! Yum. Looks like an awesome trip!
So, we're here in CT for a couple days. When would you guys like to get together for dinner?

alexgirl said...

Um, somebody needs to update their blog!

It was so good to see you guys. How was the rest of the roadtrip? Weather here on Sunday was abysmal.

ps-it WAS a porno: about orphans--is that wrong? JK!!!!!

Alex said...

Finally updated! It was great to see you, too. We had such an amazing time, thank you so much.

pps - I'm searching the internet for orphan porn, now.