Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Getting used to Africa

Well, I'm here! I'm staying with my friend/boss for the first few days while I wait for my next temporary flat, basically on campus. But in the meantime, I've started work, started seeing a bit of the city, and started watching South African soaps... specifically Rhythm City, which rocks.

This city is beautiful! The area where I am is basically built around a flat mountain (Table Mountain), with the University of Cape Town on the western slope - that's where I'm working. It's winter here now, which means that it rains a lot... this is not the winter I'm used to... However, rain means clouds in the air, and the clouds wreathing the top of the mountain looks really cool - it looked like smoke was billowing down the sides. I'm not yet set up to download my photos onto here, but as soon as I am, I'll set up some photos of it. Really amazing.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

A new beginning...

So here begins my adventures into two new lands - blogging and Africa. Choose for yourself which one is more alien.

Having never done any blogging before, one begs forgiveness for any lack of flair which might grace the pages of other, more developed pages, at least at the beginning. Anyway, my intention is that this format should act as a vehicle for keeping in contact with friends and family while I'm on the other side of the planet; I'd like to keep people aware of my activities/existence, prompting people to keep in touch with me, and giving me a place to show off how freaking cool it is to live in Africa.

Bringing me to the second adventure - moving to Cape Town, South Africa. As I type this, I'm sitting at Heathrow airport, awaiting the flight which will move me to my new home. So this really is as close to the beginning as it gets. I'd like to invite you to join me in figuring out what the hell goes on in South Africa - what it looks like, what the culture is like, what the wildlife is like (including the penguins), and anything else that goes on. So welcome to my new life, and let the adventure begin!