Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Getting used to Africa

Well, I'm here! I'm staying with my friend/boss for the first few days while I wait for my next temporary flat, basically on campus. But in the meantime, I've started work, started seeing a bit of the city, and started watching South African soaps... specifically Rhythm City, which rocks.

This city is beautiful! The area where I am is basically built around a flat mountain (Table Mountain), with the University of Cape Town on the western slope - that's where I'm working. It's winter here now, which means that it rains a lot... this is not the winter I'm used to... However, rain means clouds in the air, and the clouds wreathing the top of the mountain looks really cool - it looked like smoke was billowing down the sides. I'm not yet set up to download my photos onto here, but as soon as I am, I'll set up some photos of it. Really amazing.


Kelly's Blog said...

Hi Alex, welcome to Cape Town. Sorry the weather has been mis up to now but it only gets better from here. Have a wonderful time!

Just a Capetonian wishing you well!
from Kel

Susan said...

Hey dude - so glad I can keep tabs on you. This is a great idea. Keep it up. I am sending you blog to an array of people. xxoo Mom

Jamie said...

dude. pictures! i want lots of pictures. especially of all of the monkeys and giraffes and elephants that live in your yard. especially the monkeys. i want lots of pictures of monkeys. i won't actually believe your in Africa unless i see pictures of you playing cards with your yard monkeys.

Christina L V said...

great to hear you are exploring and willing to share it. we miss you here very much. new york is 100 degrees and 100% humidity right now, i think you would have died! i look forward to pictures and recipes!

Andy said...

I second (or fourth, or nth) the photo request!

Are you getting a car? Will the monkeys pull the wipers off it? Do the monkeys even exist? Do people call you "professor"?