Friday, 21 September 2007

National Braai Day

Long weekends and random holidays seem to sneak up on me without any warning. A few weeks ago, there was National Women's Day (which I fully support) and now this weekend is another official holiday. Apparently, Monday is National Braai Day. For those of you not from South Africa, "to braai" is equivalent with "to BBQ." So everyone fires up their braai this weekend and cooks up some ostrich steaks. Delish! After intense research and insightful investigative reporting, I discovered that it is ALSO National Heritage Day, which perhaps makes it a bit more believable as a holiday. However, you would never know this - TV, radio, and all people make no mention of such lofty goals as heritage acknowledgment. In fact, I even heard on the radio that you can SMS a certain number and they will send you back an estimate of how many people are braaing on Monday. Let's celebrate!

Oh, in other news, let me put up some photos of my new apartment. Observe and revel in the (fake? who knows!) leopard-skin couch... And next to it, check out the (working) skeleton of a radio. It actually produces great sound, but I haven't yet figured out how to change the channel...

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shakerbootie said...

Is the couch your bed? Where are you hanging your clothes? Looks good. I am not seeing clothes all over the floor.